Island Boost Premium Fuel “Your fastest fuel….period!”

In the last several months I learned about a new fuel product called “Island Boost”  (Thank you, Twitter!).  Since one of my passions is researching new running fuel, gear, products, food, etc… I was immediately intrigued.  What I found was much more than I could have ever imagined.  Read on to learn more…

1.  What kind of “fuel” is Island Boost?  IB is NOT a gel, is gluten-free, vegan & caffeine-free. It does NOT need to be taken with water or at pre-determined times.  You can chug the liquid anytime, any place and when you need it.  I love that it’s safe for pregnant runners and children too.

2.  What does Island Boost taste like?  I ordered a sampler pack of 10 which included “Passion” (Passion Fruit Flavor), “Aspire” (Strawberry-Orange Flavor) and “Renegade” (Blueberry Pomegranate Flavor)  I liked all the flavors.  My favorite was “Renegade”.  The flavors are really “vibrant” and go down smooth (assuming because of the coconut water) and fast.  No aftertaste at all.  I tested some at room temp, some after being in the refrigerator and some in the freezer (it doesn’t completely freeze but turns into more of a “slushy” consistency.)  Clearly, the slushy was the best for a hot day!


3.  How did Island Boost feel?  I didn’t have a jittery or sudden “rush” feeling I’ve experienced with caffeinated energy sources.  I just felt really good!  I had energy and most importantly took IB when I started to feel tired and was able to maintain an overall positive flow of energy and endurance.

4.  How portable is Island Boost?  This was the one area I had some concerns with.  The packets are a bit larger than your standard “Gel” or “Block”, but that’s because it’s NOT a gel or block.  I imagine it has to be a bit larger because the fluid portion (coconut water) is included and no need for additional water.  That point right there made the larger size a non-issue for me.  Since I use a hydration/fuel belt on long runs it didn’t bother me at all.  You could only fit one into a running shorts pocket, though.  When I tested during some brick training, I was pleased to find out I could easily fit 4 pouches into my Tri tank rear pocket.

5.  What are the Ingredients of Island Boost?  I’m going to copy this from the website (but there aren’t many, which I was thankful for!  For me personally, LESS=MORE!)  Through my research I learned that Island Boost only uses premium quality ingredients.  That was important to me.  I care about what I’m putting in my body!


6.  What was the best thing about Island Boost?  Maybe a bit of TMI, folks, but I don’t have to dash for a quick “pit stop” if you know what I mean!  I had no queasiness in my stomach and no #2 issues that I’ve frequently had in the past.
7.  What is the cost?  It retails for $2.50 a single packet at a REI store or online.  I personally feel with the premium ingredients and what it allows me to do (run without bathroom stops!) is priceless.  Plus, it pales in comparison when I think about the thousands of dollars I spend in gear, registrations, shoes, etc.

8.  What did I think of the company?  This is the one area I didn’t know what I was in for!  I was simply blown away!  Not only are they super responsive on social media (and very personable!), but the follow-up from my order, shipping and use of the product was tremendous!  Guys – I got an e-mail from the company’s founder!  Amazing!  This is a small company and I love supporting companies started from the ground up by fellow athletes.

**All opinions expressed in the product review are my own.  I purchased this product myself and was offerend no monetary compensation for this review.  I was not an Island Boost Ambassador during my initial order and review of this product.  It was because of the satisfaction I had with the product, along with the values of the company that I applied to become an Ambassador.**

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