Keep Your Feet Safe with Winter Running Shoes

If running happens to be your main sport, nothing will stop you from going on your regular run; not even the freezing cold winter weather. So it is but imperative to get the right winter running shoes especially when coursing through a slippery trail.

Winter Running Shoes

Running in the winter can be more dangerous because the roads are covered with sleet and ice and can sometimes be very tricky to maneuver. So the question of how to choose the right pair should be in every runners mind.

Running outdoors during the winter time exposes you to some harsh elements so it is important to choose running shoes that will keep your feet warm. They should have an extra rubber pad which can keep your feet well insulated and protected and prevent you from developing frostbites in extreme cold weathers.

The soles of your winter running shoes should also have superior traction so you avoid slipping on those treacherous icy pavements. Check the soles and make sure that they have deep treads to avoid any risk of injury.

Your winter running shoes should also be water proof or at the very least water resistant. Snow can melt on your shoes and can seep through the material if it is not water proof or water resistant. You want to be able to keep your feet dry to give you a better run. Running on wet feet can be very uncomfortable and may even lead to frostbite.

Look for winter running shoes that give you good motion control just like regular running shoes. They should also have good arch and ankle support. Most experts recommend brands such as Nike or Asics because they have some of the highest quality and most durable running shoes. Read more: Best running shoes.

You should also get a pair that has a reflective material. Most people get their daily run in the morning before going to work or when they come home from work at night. These times can be quite dark during the winter. The reflective material on your shoes and clothing will allow you to be more visible to others thus making your run safer.

Winter running shoes are available in all running shops or athletic shoe stores but they can be quite expensive. Some can cost you several hundreds of dollars because of the added safety features it provides. However, you can also find some quality running shoes at more affordable prices at discount stores or stores that are having sales.

With some smart choices, you can continue to run even in the harshest of weather and your feet will still remain warm and protected. All it takes is the right pair of winter running shoes.

Island Boost Premium Fuel “Your fastest fuel….period!”

In the last several months I learned about a new fuel product called “Island Boost”  (Thank you, Twitter!).  Since one of my passions is researching new running fuel, gear, products, food, etc… I was immediately intrigued.  What I found was much more than I could have ever imagined.  Read on to learn more…

1.  What kind of “fuel” is Island Boost?  IB is NOT a gel, is gluten-free, vegan & caffeine-free. It does NOT need to be taken with water or at pre-determined times.  You can chug the liquid anytime, any place and when you need it.  I love that it’s safe for pregnant runners and children too.

2.  What does Island Boost taste like?  I ordered a sampler pack of 10 which included “Passion” (Passion Fruit Flavor), “Aspire” (Strawberry-Orange Flavor) and “Renegade” (Blueberry Pomegranate Flavor)  I liked all the flavors.  My favorite was “Renegade”.  The flavors are really “vibrant” and go down smooth (assuming because of the coconut water) and fast.  No aftertaste at all.  I tested some at room temp, some after being in the refrigerator and some in the freezer (it doesn’t completely freeze but turns into more of a “slushy” consistency.)  Clearly, the slushy was the best for a hot day!


3.  How did Island Boost feel?  I didn’t have a jittery or sudden “rush” feeling I’ve experienced with caffeinated energy sources.  I just felt really good!  I had energy and most importantly took IB when I started to feel tired and was able to maintain an overall positive flow of energy and endurance.

4.  How portable is Island Boost?  This was the one area I had some concerns with.  The packets are a bit larger than your standard “Gel” or “Block”, but that’s because it’s NOT a gel or block.  I imagine it has to be a bit larger because the fluid portion (coconut water) is included and no need for additional water.  That point right there made the larger size a non-issue for me.  Since I use a hydration/fuel belt on long runs it didn’t bother me at all.  You could only fit one into a running shorts pocket, though.  When I tested during some brick training, I was pleased to find out I could easily fit 4 pouches into my Tri tank rear pocket.

5.  What are the Ingredients of Island Boost?  I’m going to copy this from the website (but there aren’t many, which I was thankful for!  For me personally, LESS=MORE!)  Through my research I learned that Island Boost only uses premium quality ingredients.  That was important to me.  I care about what I’m putting in my body!


6.  What was the best thing about Island Boost?  Maybe a bit of TMI, folks, but I don’t have to dash for a quick “pit stop” if you know what I mean!  I had no queasiness in my stomach and no #2 issues that I’ve frequently had in the past.
7.  What is the cost?  It retails for $2.50 a single packet at a REI store or online.  I personally feel with the premium ingredients and what it allows me to do (run without bathroom stops!) is priceless.  Plus, it pales in comparison when I think about the thousands of dollars I spend in gear, registrations, shoes, etc.

8.  What did I think of the company?  This is the one area I didn’t know what I was in for!  I was simply blown away!  Not only are they super responsive on social media (and very personable!), but the follow-up from my order, shipping and use of the product was tremendous!  Guys – I got an e-mail from the company’s founder!  Amazing!  This is a small company and I love supporting companies started from the ground up by fellow athletes.

**All opinions expressed in the product review are my own.  I purchased this product myself and was offerend no monetary compensation for this review.  I was not an Island Boost Ambassador during my initial order and review of this product.  It was because of the satisfaction I had with the product, along with the values of the company that I applied to become an Ambassador.**

ProCompression – Athletic Performance Socks

It seems like you can’t open up Instagram without a picture of someone recovering or running in their compression socks.  Between 2XU, ProCompression and CEP they are everywhere and becoming not only a performance and recovery item but a “cool” race must-have.  I’ve watched with intrigue but never felt I actually could benefit from them….until now.  Marathon training has meant extra runs, both in frequency and duration.  Once I was hitting 16, 18 and 20 miles at a time, my legs were staying a bit sore longer than usual.  I’m a big believer in leg drains but I needed something more.  I’m not into ice baths and my husband was getting sick of massaging and stretching my legs so with a nice coupon code from @cottageofstone (THANK YOU!!) I purchased my first pair.  I chose ProCompression sock of the Month, the Marathon Neon Yellow and Pink Swirl sock.  I will preface this review that I’m definitely not a sock expert, a compression expert or really an expert at anything I can think of at the moment.  I could have some things wrong, but here are my opinions and personal experiences on my compression sock journey:

1.  What IS a compression sock?

The theory is that compression helps to expedite muscle recovery through enhanced vascular flow in your lower extremities.  They are said to be useful before, during and following activities.  I’ve chosen to wear them for recovery at this point.  Weather permitting, I’m going to put them to a test during a run soon.

2.  What did my brand spankin’ new ProCompression socks feel like?

HEAVEN!  As soon as I put them on I felt like my legs and feet were just massaged.  It’s not a “too tight” feeling I was afraid of.  I wondered if they would bother me (I don’t like tight clothing, turtlenecks, etc… that feel too fitted).  They didn’t.  Instead, my husband said “Are you supposed to wear them THAT long?”

4.  What styles do they come in?

This was an area I had some confusion.  Did I need the sock, the Marathon sock, the sleeves?  I didn’t have to do much more research as I will wholeheartedly admit, I fell in LOVE with the PATTERN of the Neon Yellow and Pink Swirl marathon sock and not much else mattered.  Since then, I could see the benefit of all of the above for sure.

5.  What are some of the things I really like about ProCompression?  I really LOVE that they are designed and manufactured in the USA!  I also love the material (which is a blend of nylon and poly materials).  I thought my legs would get hot – they did NOT.

6.  Just how expensive are these bad boys?  At first glance, the price tag gave me some hesitation.  During my research I found various compression socks and sleeves ranging from $25-$60 depending on lengths and styles.  I chose the marathon sock and with my awesome coupon code I paid $30 for the sock of the month, which is sold for $50.  I also received free shipping and they were delivered to my front door step in just 4 days!

**All opinions expressed in the product review are my own.  I purchased this product myself and was offered no monetary compensation for this review.**  HOWEVER, dear PROCompression, I will take any free products you’d like to send now at anytime!!!